John J. Cina, Returning Honesty and Integrity Back Into Goverment
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The following list of points and priorities I believe are the most important needs of the people of South Carolina and the United States. Decisions made in the U.S. Congress affect every citizen of the United States.

Here is the list of action items I will work for:

  • The security of the U.S. should be the most important concern of every congressperson. We should never use our military and resources as a politcal pawn for personal political gains.
  • I'm pro-life and believe that life starts at conception.
  • I'm a strong supporter of the Right-to-Carry in our state which should be recognized by all 50 states.
  • Social Security should be a primary item of concern and should be considered in two-parts.
    • We need to stop taxing Social Security benefits
    • Social Security funds need to be removed from the general fund and go back into a locked box
  • Congressional Retirement system should be next on the agenda because it is linked hand-in-hand with Social Security and the need to fix it before it is drained.
  • The automatic pay raise of Congress needs to become a thing of the past. They put this bill through both houses, because it doesn't hold them accountable when they get this automatic raise. (The career politician!)
  • Congress must stop trying to tax the U.S. into prosperity. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is poor economics. "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." --George Bernard Shaw
  • I support the Fair Tax Plan! However; until the fair tax is passed I want to see the minimum tax deduction increased to? $10,000 per person.
  • Congress looks at the budget as a political pawn. Defense and other such benefits still need to be based on present needs and future forecasted needs.
    • Budget increase to social programs of only that percent of increase in the Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) plus (+) 1/2 %.
    • Social Security Benefits and military Retirement should also receive the same type of raise. The same formula should be used to raise these retirement benefits (COLA + 1%). Also, just as I proposed with Social Security, Military retirement should not be taxed.
  • Private property and the disregard for it by the Government.
  • Foreign Aid needs to be based on the support a country gives to the U.S.
  • Withdrawal from the United Nations, or at least its removal from New York.

All rights to this proposal are the thoughts and copy write property of John J. Cina composer and writer of these political points.
They are not meant for the use - politically or otherwise - by anyone without the expressed written consent of the writer.